Sustainability and goales


Our sustainable fresh frozen at sea value chain

  • Harvested for sustainable and well managed resources.
  • Fish processed at sea only hours after harvesting.
  • High quality finished products – no secondary processing.
  • 100% of the raw material is utilized through production of fish meal and fish oil.
  • F/Tr «Ramoen» is an energy efficient vessel with a hybrid propulsion system and a small main engine. Resulting in a low fuel consumption compared to the volume of fish harvested.
  • Residual heat from the main engine is utillized for heating the vessel and for production of fish meal and fish oil.
  • NOx emissions reduced to a minimum through catalyst cleansing.
  • Waste taken care of and delivered to shore for recycling.
  • Products exported to market mainly by sea transport.No air freight.
  • As a part of the Norwegian Marine Institute’s reference fleet we provide data and samples to improve management of the fish stocks.
  • Local crew and local cold store reduces the need for air travelling.

Our environmental goal is to minimize the carbon footprint through an efficient operation.Focus areas are:

  • Catch and trip planning.How to catch our qouta in less days at sea.
  • Continiously improve the efficiency of the processing plant.
  • Improve catch and fuel efficiency of fishing gear in cooperation with suppliers.
  • Keep hull and propeller clean.
  • Improve fuel efficiency software (ACON)
  • Maximise bi-product utilization
  • Increase utilization of surplus heat from exhaust and cooling water
  • Reduce use of plastic (sheets vs roll)